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Try an Evo?

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  • Try an Evo?

    Hey all, long time rider here. I'm considering testing an Evo with the late model Chinese 50 cc ( stock motor). I can get it for $700 less than the gsr46r and maybe put a g43 on it. Is that just a straight bolt on? The stock motor looks questionable

    My question is how do they ride?

    I sold my the last of 2 my bladez scooters last summer (had about 10 total, weirdly enough I bought the same cruzr twice, but from a different owner). I've been riding a converted GSR Cruiser (Robin eho35) and really enjoy the nimble feel of the goped, but want something with more power.

    For people who have ridden both the Evo and goped, what do you think?

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    Goped or go home


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      i would say the evo 2x is a great bang for the buck. in stock form it has a bulletproof engine, race-quality pole, has an excellent suspension system, built like a tank, can run slicks or tubeless on the 11-inch stock wheels, billet deck, 2 speed, and probably the best folding system on stand up gas scooter. if you're looking for speed get the 460 engine.. speed and reliability, get the 63cc engine (also sold with the evo 2x now)

      go-peds are way more customizable, and have a much better aftermarket parts availability.
      you can actually mount a 460 on your go-ped cruiser.. just need a 78mm mount..

      i say get both..
      right now i have 3 evos, and 3 go-peds... and plan on getting more


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        the stock engine on the evo and the g43 are pretty similar. they go about the same speed and are super reliable


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          Goddang dude, you got a lotta scooters. How do you have space for all of them? I sold the last of mine after getting an apt.

          Thank you for the detailed response. I was going to test an Evo last Monday, but the guy didn't get back with me, so I went ahead and ordered the ped. I just assembled it

          i actually did the motor mount conversion on my Cruiser and put a Robin Subaru EHO35 on it. Great torque on the low end.


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            nice... the nice thing about the new go-peds is that they include billet wheels, and billet mounts


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              Hell yeah bro, I noticed the wheels are clean as hell. The cruiser has grey ones


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                yes grey ones are called mag wheels, made of inferior material, and less durable.. prone to cracking.. i will never run them again unless on a bigfoot. the billet wheels are awesome.. built like a tank