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Goped Bigfoot identification help

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  • Goped Bigfoot identification help

    Hi there I’m new to the forum and just wondered if any of you guys could ID this goped which I’m about to buy,model, year etc I’ve no clue on these things, not been on one for about 15 years haha,

    cheers steve

  • #2
    Looks like a 1997-2000 model. Comes with the G23LH engine. Looks all original, except the tires have been replaced with the TT tires. Stock came with AT tires


    • #3
      Hi mate just picked it up, only tried the engine and the ped won’t move with me on it😂 the spindle is just spinning on the tyre 😢


      • #4
        Hows your tire pressure? At least 30 psi? Is the spindle smooth? Does it have the stock spindle that feels like gritty sandpaper? Is the cable clutch releasing the cable enough ? It may need adjustment.


        • #5
          Tire pressure is high, spindle does look a little bald 👨‍🦲


          • #6
            Yes very bald. I recommend a new spindle. A 0.750 is a good all around size. I also recommend buying a black magic straight knurl. It’s what I use on my Bigfoot and go off roading all the time. It also extends tire life compared to a stock spindle. Also your tire is on backwards lol. The valve stem on mine is on the engine side.


            • #7
              So what’s a black magic straight knurl please


              • #8

                i only see 0.675 and 0.800 sizes available at the moment. You may be able to try some other goped parts sites to source a 0.750, otherwise a 0.675 will be fine. It’s the same as a stock spindle. If you don’t hav any hills around, and just cruise on flat surfaces then an 0.800 will be ok. It will lack some acceleration though so I wouldn’t recommend it without some mods. When u source the spindle, make sure it’s the Bigfoot version..... it’s longer because of the bigger wheel.


                • #9
                  Right, thankyou for info, kind of wish I would of got a chain drive now because in the uk it does nothing but rain mate, what chain drive ones would you recommend for someone who rides rough surfaces etc hills etc


                  • #10
                    The gtr46. It does come with a pretty price tag though. Average price around 800 for a used one. Seen some go for as little as 500 stock. I payed 950 for mine used. If it’s wet all the time then at least get a replacement stock OEM spindle. It’s gritty sand surface works well when it’s wet, offering the most traction you can get from a spindle.