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I have been ACTIVE-ated!!!!!

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  • I have been ACTIVE-ated!!!!!

    I got my Active 55cc yesterday and bolted it on bone stock and HOLY SHIZZO BATMAN, what a difference from a 40cc Tanaka!!!! The bike computer I have mounted on my Comp recorded a max speed of 26 mph at WOT on the Tanaka, I took the "new" Comp around the block and posted 23 mph at half throttle!!! Didn't even open it up all the way (tryin' to break it in nice and smooth!) No time for foolin' around though, it's off to Mr. Scootersmith for a stage 2 port job next week!!!! Anyone contemplating an upgrade for yer scoot, don't mess with anything else, go straight to the BIG BLOCK!!!!!!!

    Late- Alex
    "Common sense isn't all that common"

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    So I took my new stock Active off my Comp on Friday to get it "DONE UP" by Scootersmith and today it's bolted up and running down the street! I can't believe the torque this thing has down low! I put a hp carb on it with the choke, stack, and a K&N filter so far.. Tomorrow I will tend to the pipe as it's gettin' a little late here. I can't wait to open it all the way (once it's broken in) and get a speed on the bike computer.. Let me say it again, if yer looking for some serious speed, get the Active!!! And also let "THE MAN" Scootersmith HOOK IT UP!!!!

    Late- Alex
    "Common sense isn't all that common"


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      cool, im getting an active for my bladez as soon as i can get another $150 ill be adding my power pipe and i might buy an hp carb, also can u pm me the place u bought the active, or e mail me at [email protected]


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        Get a 57cc Blue Bird!!!!!!!!
        (Proline Racing)


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          how much hp do the 57cc bluebirds have, are they any better than an active engine?