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Wow the knick nack costs really add up.

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  • Wow the knick nack costs really add up.

    Thought I got myself a great deal: used stroker RC engine. Just unboxed it and then popped onto DDM/GoPed for various SS bolts and one "deal of the week" part. Boom $100 gone.

    Doesn't even count the other C note+ on NOS team go-nads intake & exhaust then a 813 walbro update (glad I snagged the modified shaft for $4 on DDM)

    Somehow the "deal" motor became expensive
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    *******Pedding since '02********


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      Still awaiting the WT813 and new pull start. Original owner painted the fan shroud in the purple/green color shifting paint.


      Head is marked 28-36 and I was told a +2mm crank was added. So I think that would up to 30.5cc total. (guessing mark of 28 was 28mm original crank and the 36 is a 36mm piston) Please correct if not true.
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        Mocked it up with the stock WT668. I really like the tall billet ADA intake manifold as the stock one seems to block a lot of the intake.

        Also the possible clutch setup.
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          Actually switching to a WT998 since they are cheaper and just superseded part number from Walbro.

          Also bought from aluminum wool to use to pack the lower part of the exhaust if needed.


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            All done. Glad I got a WT998. The WT813 I purchased turned out to be a clone and when I took apart the drive shaft area there was no acceleration pump at all. So actually a WT990 knock-off.
            I had a hard time finding the 813 since Walbro updated the part number to WT998. You can feel the extra click of the acceleration pump which is supposed to help w RC & scooter usage for acceleration addition of fuel. I only had a G23LH in the past and being heavier I could feel that bit of lag.

            You do need to drill out the 4th hole for the throttle and add a Walbro swivel kit when using on a scooter. (vs weed wacker or RC unit)
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