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Turn it around! BladeZ ADA Pipe Bolt

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  • Turn it around! BladeZ ADA Pipe Bolt

    Hey guys I just expierenced the fairly common rear axle bolt brake while riding! Yikes! a "flying W" for sure as I shop over the bars at speed.

    After seeing for myself where the break in the bolt has been happening I have a suggestion to do now before it snaps on you.

    Its this simple... Take the bolt out and turn it around. Changing the position the fork rests on the bolt on the motor side. This way, where the bolt threads end is not the frame contact area.

    Another suggestion is to go get a grade 8 bolt. For $3.00 you have saecurity and peace of mind.

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    I smell sticky. This is surely a safety issue.
    Ada All the way.


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      Important note... The revised ADA BladeZ pipe kits are coming from ADA with a grade 8 bolt. Theres no need to turn it around if your bolt is black. Its only the chrome bolts that shoud be swapped out, or at least turned around.

      Latest word on the 'new' pipes is that they are ditching the axle bolt mount completely.

      THANKS for listening ADA!!