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  • Need help

    So I'm fairly new to the goped scene and I want to thank everyone on this site you guys have all been a great help reading some of the past questions and articles. So my first question is is there any direct bolt-on engine for a Geo Bigfoot? Besides the 60 swap and if that's the only one where do I buy one of those also does anyone have a clue as to what this GoPed is? this was my first adventure into the GoPed world I bought this for my daughter for a hundred bucks about three or four years ago it's been great but now I want to make this thing stupid fast like really stupid fast but I need to know more about it before I do that can anyone please help thank you in advance
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    That is not a Goped frame.
    *******Pedding since '02********


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      20160328_205853.jpgI know it's not a "GoPed" brand frame but do you happen to know what brand it is. CPL more pics if it helps. Thank you
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        Martin monster?


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          How you knew that is beyond me but yes you're absolutely correct thank you So much you have no idea how much I appreciate this ....thank you


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            One is sitting in my living room