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Broken plastic in crankcase

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  • Broken plastic in crankcase

    Hello. Gopeds been running fine but the last time I went to ride it the pull start seemed stuck so I removed the cover and tried turning the flywheel by hand wouldn't move so I removed the head to see what was going on and I can see little tiny pieces of plastic inside the crankcase can someone tell me what broke?

  • #2
    Check your intake manifold (plastic) or parts of the intake itself.


    • #3
      Esr_rse..the intake manifold looks you know what else to check


      • #4
        Pull the starter off and check the plastic disc that goes into the pawl that turns the flywheel. I found a plastic piece in the flywheel area and it was the disc that was broke.
        sorry I may be wrong may have misread your post.


        • #5
          Gstr2546 its inside the crankcase like something got in you think it could be the plastic on the bearings? I havnt took it apart completely just the head..i dont want to do a full tear down unless i have to but i might have to


          • #6
            Possible it could be part of a bearing cap but I’m just guessing do the case bearings have plastic seals? but if it’s in the crank case it went thru intake or it might be plastic from a bearing.


            • #7
              Gstr2546.. Could I just clean it out and ride it normal if its just the plastic from the bearing or would it need new ones? I see they make seal and non seal bearings so it just wouldnt be sealed now


              • #8
                If u got plastic in your crank case u Fasho will need to rip it apart