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Evo 2x mods so far.

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  • Evo 2x mods so far.

    New custom crossbar on handlebar homemade from 6061 t6 aluminum for mounting of lights etc. Rear view mirrors made for cyclists. Much softer seat installed along with a small bag to hold tools to work on bike. 15mm "performance carb" notice the rubber band to keep the choke from sliding. Best bang for buck so far at $25 shipped from china, engine doesn't bog as bad when shifting up hills.
    Took the engine apart and grinded out the restrictor plates blocking the flow, was one of the first things I did. Stock gearing is 54 tooth on the rear and 11 on the front. 17 tooth front sprocket on the way. Next thing I am going to add is a evo puzey pipe from goped depot, maybe then it will braaaaaap! 🤣. If engine still isn't up to snuff going to switch to either gp460 or a kasei 63cc thats deristricted, eering on the side of the kaesi cause of the mega torque people say it has.

    Does anyone know if the evo puzey pipe will bolt up to the kasei?

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    Originally posted by rayrayebh22

    Gopedepot? Soll there is still a website that hasnt ben updated in 20 years, tried contacting them a while back for there nitrous kit but no response. If you haven't used them before I would try or ada or I personally haven't used gopeddepot since forever. is another one of those out of date website they should close. Order your jetpro pipe directly from the manufacturer @
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      Website seems legit to me, was the only spot I could find the Evo puzzy pipe in stock


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        Looks like it is hosted on angelfire


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          Installed a 17 tooth sprocket today, wow that was waaaaay harder than I thought it would be, I had to grind down the tension mechanism a bit just to allow enough slack in the chain. Much faster now I can hit 20mph in first gear but when I switch to second it goes bawwwwwww! lol. Would a pipe alone be enough to wake it up? thinking of a jet pro rhino, I think I could fabricate some sort of mount as long as the exhaust flange will fit the evo 50cc. Or should I gp460 it? It feels like this thing has the potential to haul Azz!


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            I like the 63cc idea because I want to try one of those out myself one day. I saw a video of one that looked like it hauled the mail. Great build!
            2 Sports and a GSR40


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              Tuned pipe installed! Its made for motorized 80cc bicycles, all I had to do was fabricate an exhaust support bracket to make it work. Didn't notice much if any power gain but hey it sounds like a really loud dirtbike now lol.


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                Bought a gp460 and a tank with mount hardware from daves motors. My port work didn't do anything, I think the coil was holding it back. will post photos mounting it on the evo.


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                  My phone with speedo app, I might later add a trail tech guage depends on how much $$$ I'm willing to dump into this thing. The aluminum plate sticking up is where the Jet pro rhino will bolt that way I won't have to remove the whole engine and gearbox just to put the pipe on. The throttle cable turned out to be a little bit short so the throttle guide is moved over and mounted with just one bolt that gave me enough room for the throttle to open and close fully. Still breaking in the motor, got it really rich at the moment but I leaned it and man it will screammmm! Hope to have the jetpro rhino ordered by next week. On the jetpro site it says it will "double" your horsepower Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrpppppppppppppppp!
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                    Nice man! Speedo looks dope, sick tires tank and motor


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                      Thanks homey it's gonna be super fast with the jetpro rhino!


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                        2 Sports and a GSR40


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                          got the jetpro rhino installed and did a quick test ride down the street, wasn't feeling anything then started to pick up some rpm then wooooo! I was on the pipe and moving like a scaled cat! brings back memories of riding my friends suzuki rm 80 as a kid. I'm waayyyyyyyy over geared! second gear wasn't gonna happen at all it just bogged down when I shifted. I geared 17 to 55 and will go back to 11 to 55 and might even gear taller so I can ride off road, This thing is a blast!


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                            jetpro rhino installed on the braaaaaat mobile!
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                              That thing got differnt gears?