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SF pitcher's Go Ped

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  • SF pitcher's Go Ped

    Bought Brian Wilson's old scooter, it is hanging out in my kitchen.

    Cool customization but need repairs and work:
    24V to 12V system for onboard speaker system (motorcycle speaker system)
    Trevor Simpson rims/hubs anodized and painted with his jersey number
    Onboard usb port for charging and big LED headlight
    Cup holder & phone cradle
    4x Lith Ion 8Ah packs
    Carbon fiber fender and custom axle bolts
    GoPed seat with audio electronics under the basket
    Custom wood deck & frame color
    Seems the person who built it was an artist but not an electrical specialist. (inline fuses added for some but tiny gauge wire with 30A fuses )
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    Big beard logo on the front is cool though.


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      I may be wrong, but I think rocketped, a member on here, made those for the players. You could try messaging him, but he hasn't been online since before the new year.


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        I think you might be right. Hope he chimes in. Very nice touches and I think it is great. Parts alone it would not have been cheap.

        Hard to tell but seems parts have changed from the start. Missing the rear fender and not sure if it was metal. Could of been removed due to contact with travel of the suspension if you see picture on the right. Seems the cup holder was added after. Also has two silver speakers like the other players added.
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          So I wanted to post an update. Things have been slow with the virus impact. Beautiful scooter but some areas needed some improvement: wiring really not optimal, brake lines missing end caps and sticking from age, some bolts had surface rust and replaced the ESR throttle with a new one.

          Rat's nest wiring before:

          After (pile on right side is like half of what I removed that was not needed) Just need to add in replacement 10 gauge supply wires. Ditched badly done relay and directly sourced the LED with 3A fuse and sunk the ground via switch on handlebars.

          Also the braking setup was not great. Tons of random washers where the proper 170 Avid spacer kit should of been installed. (ordered and awaiting)

          Going for a weather resistant style build. Replaced all the connectors with weatherproof shrink type and will coat all connectors with clear RTV. Not had any issues with ESR throttles in Seattle for years but put a new one on for good measure. Changed out toggle switch for black weatherproof version for headlight.
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            Strange thing is the gearing on this. Torkinator with 13/80. Must of been slow as hell but probably setup to climb the SF hills? Looks like wiring took a major beating since improperly setup with multiple adapter and connector jumps to get to the motor.

            Electronics still working great but had to cut all this junk out:

            In my first post it seems in the 2nd picture the rear fender is missing. If anyone can get in contact w Rocket Ped I would like to see if I can get a replacement.
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              I believe you are right about the gearing. Top speeds around 20mph and meant to tackle any hill in SF.

              From pictures I searched, it looks like none of the ESRs for SF players had fenders on them. Not sure if there Is clearance issues with the slicks or not. DDM has stock replacements for 28.99.


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                I have seen some but not sure if they are just dipped stock fenders. I do not think the stock one would fit since the TS rims & tires are larger.

                Those look like stock rims/tires so perhaps that is why they have a fender.

                EDIT: Ok here is what I was looking for:
                wilson-scooter2.jpg wilson-scooter3.jpg
                This looks like an earlier picture of the same scooter before some upgrades. The handlebars were swapped to a Bmx black style. Then LED headlight, speakers, USB charger port, carbon fiber front fender, cup holder and seat w basket was added. Seems the rear fender lost sometime? I would prefer to get a replacement if possible.
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                  Some more progress. Really happy to hear the motor spin and see the charger working. There was a time where I did not have a single Go Ped charger and now I have five.

                  Cleaned and wrapped up the wiring down the handle bars:

                  Not as cool as the multi thousand 8Ah LiPo packs but did put in Duracel Ultra SLAs.

                  Still to do is install the chain and sprocket. Front braking setup needs to be corrected with the proper Avid spacer kit. Then check the programming on the controller w Go Prammer. Going to tap the 10 gauge wiring for the external charge port and also feed the audio/USB system last.
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                    BTW this thing is a Boss compared to the stock ESR Hoverboard. Parked them side by side and it is just bigger meaner and looks faster.

                    Oh I guess I forgot that the larger wheels will affect how the gearing behaves. I have a new 11 tooth motor sprocket so threw that on with a new chain. Going to try out that 11/80 with the larger wheels and see how it works after the brake spacers arrive. Got the rear wheel spinning tonight. Cannot wait to ride it.

                    At least the audio system has an on/off on the box. Not sure how much the USB port will be a drain if nothing plugged in. (Update I installed a switch on the power converter)

                    I will probably end up using a 15/80 final gearing seems tires are larger than the stock ESR. 15/80 is like 95% of the old black case gearing and larger tires should bump up the top end but Torkinator spins slightly slower than the black motor. Circumference difference is like 21% more so thinking 15/80 would be good. I should be around 19mph with the 11/80 which is similar to the stock 750H on the silver case motor.

                    Torkinator guidance mentions 15/68 as starting point which is 111% of stock gearing on black case motor. 21% larger tire + 95% @ 15/80 should be pretty close. Ultimately depends on what I end up using for batteries.
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                      Felt good to ride the scooter for the first time. Just quick hallway test. I think 11/80 might be too much acceleration.

                      Still awaiting the avid spacers so swapped on a 180mm adapter vs. the "original 160mm + 1 million spacers" got the alignment much better such that the disc does not deflect while braking like before. I might mess with it a tad more with the spacers and then loctite it all up. Looks like the best fit would be the 170mm spacer kit on the 160mm adapter since the 180mm is a tad higher than desired. I could always remove those lower spacers w the 180mm bracket.

                      Chain setup:

                      Swapped to a matching 4pin charger port but with a weatherproof cover. Also made an adapter of 4pin to XLR to use the programmable Cycle Satiator charger.

                      I will probably just keep the 24v to 12v system setup but add a weatherproof switch to the ground signal. That way the USB port and audio can be off when not in use.
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                        Another small update. Spacers finally came so I can swap out the washer sets for something looking more professional.


                        Also added a waterproof ground cut-off for the phone charger & audio. Planning to not use the seat but instead cut the plastic spacer (see red arrow) and allow the PPV rack to shift over the center of the rear tire.

                        I cut, drilled out and redid the rivets a bike rear rack to shorten it. Also attached a fender to the bottom to create a rear splash guard.


                        All the audio controls will sit on the top of the rear fender along with the switch to stop parasitic power loss when sitting.

                        Going to mount the original deck on the wall to preserve the art/woodwork and also touched up all nicks in the frame with a paint pen. (not pictured)
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                          Yeah the spacer kit was perfect as I had hoped. Goodbye pile of washers. Also swapped the bolts to new ones w/ pre-applied Loctite that closely match the axle style. Much better than 30mm of washers.


                          Eventually I will replace all the crimp 10 gauge butt connectors with XT90 since the Go Ped LiFePO4 packs have dual leads. I decided to take advantage of the extra wire ends of the 10 gauge splices I am running at the moment. Ends of the splices are then feed back into 24V needed for both LED power and audio (via 24V->12V converter)


                          All crimp/splice connectors to be removed in the future and only XT90.

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                            Little bit of trouble due to the lack of indication of polarity (both source wires black) for the 24V and more so on the DC input of the audio marked backwards (red to gnd, blk to power). Anyways all working great now.

                            Led direct to 24V. Perfect w toggle switch. (properly sinking current w 4A fuse)
                            12V sourcing the 5V USB port up front.
                            12V sourcing the audio.

                            Weatherproof switch cut off to 12V which is fused w 5A at the transformer (cut off via gnd of 24V input).

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                              Probably the final entry: tested out the completed scooter with Go Ped LiFePO4 batteries and it is such a blast. I might just keep the 11/80 since should put less stress of required amps during acceleration. External charger working well too.


                              External speakers are really a fun option to have.


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