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Fender Repair Kit

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  • Fender Repair Kit

    I have a snapped rear fender on an x-ped. I have seen the fender repair kits for 25 bucks. It looks like they screw into the top of the old fender. Anyone ever used these kits or fixed a rear fender? Are these repair kits any good? How do they work? Whats the best option for fixing a snapped fender?

  • #2
    Check the price of new one. May be cheaper to replace.


    • #3
      The fender repair kit is basically just a new fender with some bolts. What do you mean by checking the price of a new one? Is there a different option?


      • #4
        I assumed it is the usual plastic fender, if so DDM has most parts or GoPed may have an OEM one.


        • #5
          Ive never seen a plastic fender for an xped before. The picture I posted is an OEM replacement from


          • #6
            Post a pic of the damage. I would likely recommend to buy a cheap harbor freight angle grinder then take it to a muffler shop and pay $10 cash to fix the crack. Then grind it down and repaint.


            • #7
              Blue xped has the fender snapped off. I bought the zero error fender in black. Might leave it black and just bolt it on. Or I was thinking about getting the fender powdercoated blue to match the original color. Can a paint shop match that color? How much would it cost to get the fender powdercoated?

              And I have a super xped with a cracked fender. Its cracked on both sides. Still holding up but was wondering if there was a way to fix the cracks. You said a muffler shop can do that? Would it mess up the paint at all?


              • #8
                Paint needs to be ground off to allow for welding. Probably need to get that kit for the one missing.


                • #9
                  Right on, Ill probably just leave it the way it is, its still pretty sturdy so should be ok. I ordered the fender for the blue one but the shop closed down temporarily for the virus. Any idea how much powdercoating a tiny fender would cost? And can they match the paint? Never had anything painted before.


                  • #10
                    Powdercoating material itself is cheap. It is the prep (like any paint) that is the big driver of cost and need a large batch to make it worthwhile for the coater. So like if you coat a set of rims you could probably throw in a whole scooter frame for free. But would be like $$$ for the rims.

                    You are likely better off buying a few rattle can spray paints to try and match.
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                      I figured that would be the case. Guess Ill start looking around for a similar baby blue rattle can. Thanks


                      • #12
                        Little bit of rattle can and a well placed decal. Bet most could not tell it was repaired.
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                          I am thinking about using Rustoleum Enamel Paint in Safety Blue. Anyone think that will be an Ok match to the original baby blue? Will i need to use primer first? How about clear coat?
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                            Heres the new fender
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                              Primer is always a good idea. You can build it up with coats and wet sand it to remove and imperfections. The blue is high gloss so should be OK. I used that on a welding cart and looks great.

                              Might want to paint the visible parts both with the rattle can so there is not a start color difference and might fool the eye with looking at the front.