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How to Clean/Resurface Old Deck?

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  • How to Clean/Resurface Old Deck?

    I just picked up a super x-ped and the deck is pretty worn out. Is there a good way to clean it up and get some color back into it. Maybe a wood sealer? Stain? And the grind plate is filthy and full of grease. I already scrubbed most of it but theres still a lot on there. Would sanding it down clean it up at all? And after looking at the grind plate it seems like a basic piece of wood, would it be pretty easy to make another one?
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    Take a knife (carefully) to the grip and it will come off. Then needs a large belt sander. If doing by hand I would just buy a new deck. Then can use a varnish and stain.


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      I would buy a new deck but I want to have the stock look and can't find any stock X-Ped decks anywhere. I found a stock sport deck but it didnt fit around the frame. Im planning to buy new grip tape and figured a light sanding might clean it up but I dont have a belt sander and will be doing everything by hand. Any suggestions for cleaning up the greasy grind plate?


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        Hand sanding will not do the trick to your liking. Perhaps have someone cut you a new grind plate. Guy on eBay does custom decks or probably a skate shop would know a local person.


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          Ok thanks I'll go ahead and look around, I think I've seen the guy on ebay and I'll call some skate shops. I know home depot cuts wood but im not sure if they just do straight cuts or can cut the shape of the grind plate, I'll call and find out. I appreciate the help.


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            You would need someone that first cuts the basic shape and then uses a router to round the edges and get the final shape.


            Someone that cleaned out an old Go Ped shop from another country
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              It definitely could be refinished, but I don't know how The new decks are cool too but I miss the classic wood decks with this logo design!