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Input gsr46

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  • Input gsr46

    I'm looking to buy my first goped in 14 years. I used to have a sport but nothing since. I found a good deal on a gsr46. It looks clean and the price is decent. It is 2 hrs away and I just want to make sure I am not wasting my time. The seller sent me a video of it on Facebook and it seemed to make a metal rattle noise when he revved it a bit. Is this normal with these?

    I can't figure out how to download the video from facebook for some reason but I could message you it via Facebook if you wouldn't mind.


  • #2
    I also found a stock gsr40 that I would prefer but he has not answered me in days. So hopefully he gets back to me before I take this ride saturday!


    • #3
      If you can get a hands on or show us your vid we can probably give you more input. I bought a used GTR46 off eBay. Starter was bad but started. Had to replace it. Installed new gaskets as well as they leaked. Not sure how long they ran it on the lean side but I did not replace the top end. There’s always a risk buying used, reading the seller helps by asking questions.


      • #4
        He doesn't know anything about it. Didnt even know what pipe was on there. I'm trying to download the video so I can post on youtube and share link. Thanks!


        • #5

          I got it uploaded


          • #6
            Well it's a used 460 so maybe rebuilt it so u don't have any headaches in the long run and tune it double check all the bolts. And what's the asking price.


            • #7
              It all depends on the price. Just factor in replacing the motor and selling off the crap one on eBay (proclaiming it is crap)


              • #8
                Asking 700 but said he would do 600


                • #9
                  There also is a very clean gsr cruiser with a new zenoah g320rc engine for $600. I imagine that would be the better deal?


                  • #10
                    Maybe just build it from. Ground up they still have those no


                    • #11
                      Hard to say without riding it but looks Ok to me. I would tell him 550 just because.


                      • #12
                        Originally posted by Rdorr91 View Post
                        There also is a very clean gsr cruiser with a new zenoah g320rc engine for $600. I imagine that would be the better deal?
                        Is it still available?