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New to Gopeds, odd issues, please help!

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    Thanks for that tip. Once I get the coil, I'll give the 32:1 fuel a shot and will let you know.


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      Originally posted by Newb View Post
      Thanks for that tip. Once I get the coil, I'll give the 32:1 fuel a shot and will let you know.
      32:1 wont fix any issues you’re having, it will just help prevent you seizing the engine. 50:1 even 40:1 is not nearly enough oil, you’d be killing your motor running like that.

      btw, I never seen a bad coil in the 17 years I’ve been working on these things. Doesn’t mean they don’t go bad, it’s just rare. It’s normally always carb.
      *******Pedding since '02********


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        I was having spark problems on my BF. Thought it was the coil, but replaced the copper spark plug cap spring. Spark problems went away.

        Ditto on the crappy clones and 32:1. I put forth the extra cash and bought the sealed bearing carb from Dave's.

        I have been riding for 20+years on a BigFoot. Loved it. Last Christmas I treated myself to a GTR-i. Best thing I ever did. Save up and buy a GTR, nice cushy ride and fast right out of the box.


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          I hear ya, Im itching for a GTR. If anyone here is looking to sell one, please PM me.

          For my current ped, I went ahead and got a new coil, plug, and a genuine walbro wt-813(Huge difference!). It took me a while to get it to run right at 32:1 but I finally got there. Bogs at take off but then I actually gained an mph. I have some oil leakage at the exhaust near the engine, does this take an o-ring? Anyone have a diagram?
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            My BF used to do that at the gasket between motor and muffler connector. I use hi temp gasket dressing to help seal it. I didn't really get much leakage where the muffler slides on the connector so I haven't done much about...
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              However, for my GTR-i, I am having some leakage issues. It throws oils all over the place right now. I don't think I applied enough dressing, so I will back up and punt. We'll see what happens. Plus I noticed that DDM does not sell the "paper" gasket for both sides of the heat shield, so I had to source them from
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                Thanks for the feedback. I took the muffler off, the gasket seemed to be in good shape. It turned out the screws were too long so I shortened them. I also added an o-ring to the muffler slide. Results are great! I just hope the o-ring holds up.


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                  Nice, glad you found a fix!


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                    O ring likely melted near instantly. Need a high temp silicone one or not sure if they make a high enough temp RTV


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                      Any idea where I get a silicone o-ring?


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                        I usually start on eBay and cross check Amazon for pricing once I have a name or part number.