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How to remove rear sprocket?

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  • How to remove rear sprocket?

    I just took out all of the bolts that had on the sprocket. It feels like it's still bolted on. Even tried prying it off. Am I doing something wrong? There was a crazy amount of red loctite on the bolts from the previous owner, maybe its stuck to the sprocket?

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      Should just come apart just spacers on the back side. Try a rubber mallet.


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        Nevermind I had to pry it off. There was locktite holding it on. Red locktite sounds extreme, are we supposed to use red locktite on the sprocket bolts?


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          Red is way over kill. I did not use any lock tight due to the fact they tightened up real good. If anything maybe just a (Small) Amount of blue medium. Others may disagree but that’s my take.


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            I completely agree. This person went crazy with the red. It's on everything, even deck mounting bolts


            • #7
              Still can't get one of them off, looks like I'll have to cut it. And I can't get the gear sprocket off, starting to think that's full of red loctite too


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                I had to use an impact driver to get the OEM small sprockets off both my used peds. I actually had to use it to get the sprocket nuts off the GTR as well


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                  I bought a sprocket wrench from DDM but it doesn't fit on my sprocket for some reason. Thought maybe my sprocket was deformed so I tried it on a brand new sprocket and still doesnt fit, total waste of money for that thing. Maybe ill have to buy a gator socket


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                    I used a 14mm impact socket if my memory is correct for the 6 tooth sprockets.


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                      Ok thanks for the help