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Just had my first crash

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  • Just had my first crash

    I just crashed on my xped. I was thinking to myself before I left the house to put on Jean's and a sweatshirt but I decided to be lazy and kept on my shorts and t shirt. I was barely down the road going about 10 miles per hour and I went to make a left hand turn and out of nowhere got thrown over the handlebars. I landed on my face and arms mostly but I can barely move my right leg so not sure what I did there. ( I was wearing a full face helmet). As soon as I got up I looked at the scooter and saw the front tire had peeled off the rim and locked up the front wheel which caused me to front flip over the handlebars. The road rash is horrible and my whole body is burning. I ended up cracking the front fork in the process. I'm pretty sure I know exactly what happened. I am in the process of selling my xped which had nice ET wheels and new tires. Wanted to keep those wheels before I sell it so I just put on some old stock wheels last night. I'm guessing the tire was old and not sticking to rim. Who knows for sure but the whole wheel came off the rim. Too bad they dont have a beadlock for front tires too. Anyone ever heard of this happening on the front tire? Makes me scared to ride now I was only going 10mph. I will spare you the road rash photos unless you are intrested

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    Damn bro, glad to know your ok and it sucks that your tire folded up on you. I don't see why you can't a billet rim on the front.
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      Right on brotha these things happen no big deal. Should have been wearing more protection, lesson learned. You can put a billet rim but a beadlock doesn't work because the brakes hit the rim and not the tire


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        I road rashed on a Viza Cruze twice in the same day... just bad luck LOL. I miss that scoot.
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          Dang man, well it happens to all of us eventually. I went down pretty hard about a year ago, wrist still isn’t the same. Be careful out there.

          I wonder if it’s worth gluing the tires on with grip glue it some other kinda adhesive? This has been a fear of mine also.
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            Ya it was not very exciting. I was thinking the same thing with the glue. I just never thought the front tire was capable off peeling off the rim. Now that I know these things can slip right off it makes me worried. When I recover in a few weeks the next time I ride I probably wont take any turns for a while. I was thinking I just won't go fast but I was barely going 10 mph so that wasnt the issue.


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              That sucks! But it could have been worse. Glad you had a helmet! I supermaned with my GTR on the 2nd ride. My mistake on cable to throttle adjustment. Some bruises and scapes after sliding on the pavement. Get back to riding when possible. I got back on mine right after my slide but I think adrenaline helped!

              After seeing your pick can a person tap some (4) screws thru the rim into the tire on each side? .5” stainless comes to mind.


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                Definitely could have been worse. I jumped up immediately and was pumped on adrenaline, felt like I had been charged with a ton of energy. I was ready to hop back on and ride home but the wheel was jammed by the tire so I picked it up and walked home. I knew the adrenaline was going to wear off so I immediately hopped in the shower and scrubbed my wounds. Then I poured a bottle of rubbing alcohol all over them, it was the most intense burning I've ever felt, made my whole body tighten up. About 10 min later I couldn't walk and my body started feel like I was on fire. Think I pulled a muscle in my leg. I've heard of people using screws but I heard it doesn't work. I think some really strong glue would help. Maybe glue and screws. But I never use the plastic wheels I always use billet so not sure if I'd want to screw those. I'm in the middle of a couple builds so I will definitely be back out there. I'll be wearing my jeans and sweatshirt like I did every single time before this happened. The one time I wear shorts.


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                  Maybe even het a pair of those motorcycle pants that look like jeans


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                    I can only imagine how bad it be to fall if you were flat out. I get speed wobbles at 40-50mph almost every time I ride. It’s friggin scary. I’ve gone down at 30ish and have lifelong injuries to my wrist because if it.
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                      ^That sketches me about your wrist man. I've had a few spills but nothing worse than some road rash. My third crash ever was this month and I'm still a little sore, but probably nothing permanent.


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                        I bead of super glue will work. I've done that and had 0 problems with tires coming off rims. It's especially true when the tires start coming off the rims above 40 mph... #hardTyrProbZ.
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                          I'm thinking about super gluing all of my tires now. I don't like the idea of super glue all over my billet rims but I figure its inside and will never be seen so no big deal. And the added sense of confidence is priceless.


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                            Do they come off pretty easy when it's time to change the tire if you cut it off?


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                              I never worried about it because I use the stock plastic wheels. I don't go too heavy with the glue.
                              2 Sports and a GSR40