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How does this Happen? Broken spring pull GP460

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  • How does this Happen? Broken spring pull GP460

    OMG, yesterday was a beautiful day for Pedding. Wife and I cruisin' the beach, she on the BF, me on the GTR-i. Enough bloat, so we have very tall bridge we cross to get to the beach. I have had the BF for 20+ years have never had problems (until now different story, but I digress) going up and down the bridge.

    For the second time yesterday, that darn bridge left me with a broke GP460. I was half to three quarter throttle 100 yards past the bridge and tourist pulled out in front of me. I was running about 35mph (12,500 rpm) had to stop within 10-15 feet. Luckily I made it, but the engine dies. To my surprise I look down to see my pull cord all sprawled out on the road, like a dead snake. It wouldn't wind back up, (of course) so it was a wonderful 45 minute KickPed back to the house to assess the damage.

    I took off the pull start and found this mess. No more Memorial weekend rides on the beach, uggh!!!

    The rest of parts of the pull start on the flywheel contain no damage other than some melted plastic dust. Has this happened to anyone? It seems like when I braked really hard, it somehow engaged the pull start and melted the plastic thing off? No idea.
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    I think y might be a little rough on pulling are u pulling it


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      How old is your 460? Those pullstarts have had a long history of reliability issues. Some people have upgraded to RC pullstarts which require a small adaptor. I have both, but personally the 460 Ps seems a little more solid.
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        I had mine on my 60 for years now


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          Originally posted by Badazzx22 View Post
          I think y might be a little rough on pulling are u pulling it
          Come to think about, maybe a little hard? I'm not sure, I will try to play with that when I get the new pull start assembly.

          Darn thing is six months old.

          thanks fellas!


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            I think they are spring assisted so you are supposed to pull them less hard or they die.


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              Well guys, once again I have managed to mangle up another pull start. I took a five minute cruise over to moms. I restarted after a 10 minute rest and started a 25 minute ride to pick my Jeep at the tire store. Three quarters of the way to the store, running about 13500 rpms, I feel a hard grab on the motor and due to the binding of the pawl, I have to stop. Pull off the pull start and sure enough, looks like the pics above.
              Since the last time this happened I have really paid attention to how hard I pull. I barely pull the thing. I guess this only happens to me.


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                Sorry to hear that .....u might wanna just go with a rc pullstart


                • #9
                  Yeah w your GI Joe kung fu grip, perhaps time to try the RC setup.

                  Could be bad tolerances with your cage and the flywheel. I am sure there is a scientific reason behind the issue but given how "cheap" the parts are the usual solution is throwing some parts at the problem until it goes away.


                  • #10
                    I am having the same problem with a fully built OBR motor. Well, not really the same problem. Half way through my rides, my RC pullstart recoil spring will just snap out of nowhere. Haven't yet figured out why.


                    • #11
                      Savage24x, Not that I am happy that I’m not the only one with this issue, but at least it’s not only me. I asked Dave’s if they sell a different pull start assembly, I plan on purchasing hopefully, both the spring loaded OG and whatever alternative I can find. This is bout the most annoying problem I have encountered. Thanks for the reply


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                        A person barely needs to pull on these. My used 460 needed a new plastic piece when I bought. There’s a (Goped) 460 video that shows the start procedure very minimal pulling. I was over pulling mine at first but luckily have had no issues.


                        • #13
                          Somewhere, someone sells a metal pawl. I think i saw it on billetboard actually. Never break another pullstart again. I think the price was 20 or 30 bucks.


                          • #14
                            Haak made some as well


                            • #15
                              Hm sounds like the little hook on the dual spring is snapping on you . Derek Short has a good video on how to basically JB weld everything into place to reinforce the pull start . “How to: gp460 pullstart mod”