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How does this Happen? Broken spring pull GP460

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    I’ve had several discussions with engine builders and some small engine shops. There are two unanimous answers I’ve been hearing about my recoil springs breaking. One is that my ignition coil gap is too close. You can check that by removing the spark plug, turning it over and feeling for any binding. The only other answer I’ve received is there being too much oil in the cylinder.

    I’m mixing at exactly 28:1 with castor 927 following OBR’s instructions. I don’t know where to go from here. I would check your flywheel gap and verify your oil mixture, but I doubt it’s the mixture. I have no freaking idea what causes my pull start to kick back and stop at TDC anymore. It’s driving me crazy. It’s breaking pull starts during my rides.


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      Once Again, I have to thank you for posting. Savage, I have changed out my pull start from spring loaded to the “old” style pull with the extra DDM part that allows or installation. So far I have been able to ride a full tank of gas without a problem. (Knocking on wood) I plan on riding all weekend, so I am sure if something happens I will let everyone know.

      As for the two items above. I run 24-25:1.
      Also, I thought I was having flywheeel gap issues, so I bought a gap tool from DDM. I do not think it is that.

      Thank you for the feed back, and like always, I will let everyone know what issues I experience to help others when they have the same issues.

      have a great Labor Day holiday and ride on!!!