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    Originally posted by JLRod View Post
    Bob, the cable needs to be loosened. The object of the game is to put just enough pressure on the tire that,
    a. The spindle doesńt slip,
    b. The spindle doesn’t eat into the tire.
    Its a careful balance. When i adjust it, i inflate the tire to 30 psi, Then lower the spindle on to the tire where there is a little slip. Then air the tire up to 38 or 40 psi. Ride the ped, if you smell tire, let air out until you dońt experience slip or tire burn.

    You will get better at it. The first few times i adjusted it, i went through two tires before i got it just right. I got lucky and DDM had tires on sale, so i bought like 5 of them.
    What are you talking about? The lift cable needs slack in the line, but there is no adjustment that keeps the spindle from “eating into the tire” the motor is forced down by spring pressure.


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      Your right there is no adjustment for the spindle itself. You have to adjust the cable by loosening this nut and setting the cable where when the motor is lowered, the spindle is just touching. When the spindle is engaged there still should be tension on the cable. I probably meant to loosen the nut and tighten the cable, my bad for the confusion. The you don’t want the spindle to be on the tire too much, bc then you put the motor in a bind, and could possibly bend the crank.

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