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piston pin circlips?

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  • piston pin circlips?

    what is the correct way to install the superior 'circlips" i am haveing a hard time getting them in. is there any particular way they should go in? such as the oem ones which should have the gap facing up or down.
    thanks alot!
    pics would be great
    CRG, Jake.R
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    Needle Nose

    The clips are called "G" clips as that is how they are shaped. some of the pistons came with clips that are a little stiff. We have some lighter duty ones that are easier to install. You should be able to hold on to the center wire of the "G" with a needle nose pliers and twist and roll the clip into the piston groove. If you need some, I can mail you some in an envelope. Just send information to
    [email protected]