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Handle bar on my sport

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  • Handle bar on my sport

    So I noticed my handle bars are really loose and keep twisting and not staying aligned with the tire . What do I need to do to stop this from happening .

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    If you’re talking stock the bars.

    -Pull up the slider and fold the bars
    -use a punch and knock out the plastic retaining pin which keep the bars on
    -align the slot on the FTG parallel with the front tire
    -tighten the SHCS which holds the FTG in place

    it’s also a good idea to tighten up the head set bearings at the same time.


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      What does FTG stand for and also SCHS mean . Appreciate tour help as always dsport!!


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        NP, sorry for talking in code over here. I’m not sure what FTG stands for. But if you google “Goped FTG” you’ll see the component I’m referencing. SHCS is “socket head cap screw” that would be the name of the bolt that goes through the center of the FTG.

        a 3/8 socket wrench extension works well to knock out the plastic retaining pin.

        again, I’m assuming you’re using stock bars, in which case the only way the bars will loose alignment with the wheel is a loose FTG.


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          Yep stock handle bar. Thanks for the help man you’ve helped me a lot !! Your the man !!! Lol


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            Here is the video you need to see: It shows you how to do all of that.