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What happened to goped?

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  • What happened to goped?

    What happened to goped? Why in the 2000s it thrived and died so fast? I am really confused.

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    Gopeds not dead, they did quite well this past year. But there had been a big dip in sales prior. Scooters are one of those fads that come and go. Especially given the new laws in the early 2000s that restricted the ages. In California you need a drivers license to ride one. Doesn’t matter to me me cuz I’m old. But parents aren’t into supporting breaking the law. Rather have their kid stay inside and play video games where it’s safe. lols


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      Yup cops came down hard in Arizona.
      Every cop said something different. Helmet, 16, pads Really the issue was in my area was the neighbors complaining bout the noise. 16 piped up engines rolling threw people will complain. The laws took affect when injury's happened

      its crazy there's no more goped shops around me anymore
      And gopednation is gone.

      I got back into the sport to get my kid into it. Get him out of the house and live alittle


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        I think the idea of go peds being illegal is total BS.. I’m 28 and I’ve been around those things since I was nine, I remember they used to be illegal in Maryland where I did some of my growing up but they weren’t illegal in Detroit, I’ve also noticed a lot of places that sold them are no longer in business like Getaped That was the spot that my brother bought his S25 from and I could think of a ton of others but it sucks because peds aren’t hard to drive and don’t result in tons of street incidents more so than what the dirt bikes and ATVs do up here in Philadelphia. Just my opinion!


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          Originally posted by GopedLTD. View Post
          What happened to goped? Why in the 2000s it thrived and died so fast? I am really confused.
          They were featured in some movies at the time. I think all about the Benjamin’s, and a Adam Sandler movie. Gopeds were predominately racing at the time as well.

          At the time, police would harass goped riders because some kids blew stop signs then get hit. I had police officers threaten to give me tickets. While racing around a school parking lot, one officer game me crap about the law..then proceeded to call his son to race me. I smoked him since his son had a checker’s auto brand zooma. Lol goped FTW!


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            Shifting trends, market saturation and I think the owner was tired. So without investment in marketing it died off.

            Coming back since people that grew up with them now have the "extra time" due to Covid.
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              Covid and people being bored at home has brought it back and SRA being Introduced this year its likely the Hobby/Sport will be around for a long time now


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                Steve got greedy, dealers couldn't afford to sell his products... Hate to say it