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Goped vs electric scooter

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  • Goped vs electric scooter

    Which one is better, a non goped Chinese electric scooter that can go 30mph for 699$ or a good American goped. Im not looking to buy an electric I just want peoples opinions.

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    Are you asking which is better all around, or best dollar per mph option?

    I’m not sure if they can be compared directly. To me they serve different purposes. Used to be you could pick up a used gsr40 for $300 bucks, throw pipe and gearing at it, and go 40 all day long. those times have sorta changed due to price increases. But I still think the the Goped will win in the mph category if you can find a good deal used.

    for all around better option. Probably electric. I say that because gas sucks. Dirty, loud. Recently loaded up my GSRs for a trip out to Arizona to see family. Fuel line came off the filter and slipped out of the tank. Got gas everywhere. Then it was an hour long ordeal, covered in fuel, to diagnose the issue, pull the tank, replace lines an filter, and put everything back together.

    that being said, the gas stuff has nostalgia, you don’t get that with the Chinese electric scooters so I still vote gas.


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      I think Goped just makes quality American stuff. It shows. You can feel it in the material, the workmanship. Its more about the history and it will most likely become a collectible item. It wont compete I don't think with the Chinese market stuff like efficiency and reliability in that sense. But when I ride my Goped ESR 750 Electric around town, I get a lot of looks and questions. Its very unique.


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        With some decent cells the ESR is really quite nice. I modded up some american K2 packs with different BMS and added the slackinator.


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          Uhhh look I'm new to all this. I've only even known about GoPed for a year now. I wasn't into gas or electric scooters at all. For me it was bikes and skateboards. Then it was selling drugs and prison. So, after all the crap I settled down and got back into riding bikes again. I own 6 different bikes from a fat tire mongoose dolomite to my trek roadbike, and even a old school Dyno GT BMX bike. But then I fell 20ft down to hit cement on 3/4/2020 and broke my back, neck, and pelvis in several places each plus many other bones. So riding doesn't get to happen as much anymore and I don't own a car. So getting to the mailbox was rough even so I knew I needed something and I'd be damned if I was gonna ride a mobility scooter yet. So I went with electric because electronics I understand. I can stand it was walking that was the problem sometimes so I wanted a stand up scooter. But everything I found was too small or not good enough for my 250lbs frame. I came across my GoPed esr1000h and at first glance I fell in love with this thing. Didn't even ride it and didn't care what was wrong with it I wanted it and would worry bout the rest later. Ended up needing new batteries cause those big headway cells were toast and I tried to revive em but to no avail. That plus the brush card and I was riding. After that first ride, oh man, I don't know what I've wasted my life on all this time not having one of these. I love my GoPed. The quality, the innovation, just every aspect of my scooter and this company has made me a dedicated GoPed'r for life. I have even picked up the nickname scooter because all I ever talk about is my damn scooter. I dream of riding it more than my gf and I'm not joking and let me tell you, I love riding her too, I mean a lot, but I live my GoPed more and she knows it. She's not jealous at all because she loves it too and after we get this one right and I know what I'm doing and looking for we are gonna get her one too. Just gotta get back to work and whatnot. Money has been so damn tight since my fall it's not funny. Especially since tight now my GoPed needs a DR for real. Has a couple problems and I thought I fixed it and the right way without being a cheapo but it did it again and I don't have the money to do it again for it to happen again within a month so I'm kinda screwed for now but.......

          So if you can't tell I'm gonna say GoPed all day everyday even in my sleep.....


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            That's awesome! So glad you are having fun with it! It's a super cool ride...