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  • New Gsr46 Help

    I always wanted a goped and finally pulled the trigger. I have a new super gsr46r on the way.

    I have been reading for a little while and watching videos etc and this is my conclusion

    I want to reach atleast 40-45mph
    I am 160lbs
    I going to purchase
    a rhino 460
    9T gsr sprocket
    Stock gsr rear is 76t

    would 8t front 76t rear be better? Looking for good acceleration and a decent top end but Im mostly gnna cruise to I wanna get up there decently quick.

    GSR40 Clutch Conversion for GP460
    GSR40 Clutch Shoes
    toymaker springs
    Not sure what else is needed. Lots to read lol

    Tuning for just the pipe looks like 1.5L 2H?

    Basically will just be crusing for fun locally maybe once or twice a week.
    I would like to be able to hit 40-45 safely and with reliability

    I also would like to break it in correctly.

    Warm it up... let it cool down

    Warm it up ride it easy

    Ride is easy for a little while then you good to go???

    Best 2 cycle? Ratio 25;1?

    Any links to good info for just getting into these would be greatly appreciated.
    Forgive any errors and please correct me lol
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