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  • Sport problem

    Need to identify what issue I’m having with my ped, To start was riding with my brother for about an hour and 15 minutes we live in Pennsylvania where it’s really hilly so we were at the bottom of the hill and decided to just walk are peds Up the hill not to put any stress on the engines and when I went to go bump start it back up it wouldn’t start and kind of sounded like when you Undo the spark plug from the cap was getting little to no compression so I readjusted
    my H & L screw Go ped cut back on and was riding but sounded different visibly I could see little specs of oil on the fender and right around where the wing nut is Does anybody know what could be the issue?

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    Maybe you need to tighten the cylinder head


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      This maybe nothing to do with ur issue...
      but check ur HI and LO screws and Spring that hold tension from them backing out due to vibration...
      ( Teflon tape around threads or plumbers tape or any non-permanent engine safe gas leak safe gasket thread lock)