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mosquito DX26 gas-powered scooter need parts

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  • mosquito DX26 gas-powered scooter need parts

    I have a mosquito DX26 gas-powered scooter that I had since I was a kid and I want to restore it to its former glory but it has a lot of problems with it. It needs a new engine, chain, wire for the acceleration handle and maybe a back tire because it doesn't move. If anyone has any good recommendations for sites to buy parts on that would be awesome. Also is it possible to get a 49cc engine on that scooter or is it only for a 26 CC

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    Hey! I just joined the other day as well. I have a 49cc swapped mosquito! Has a custom engine mount to hold it. Using a Chinese 49cc 2 stroke the common $100 one. Runs great! The chain driven mosquito has potential!


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      Is it a DX 24/26 model? If so I'd love to know how to swap out mine! Lol