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    Just blew up my big bore g230rc on my super bigfoot. Any recommendations for a new motor I had a Jetpro pipe so I would like a motor that the pipe fits. I looking for about 40-50 mph.

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    320 or 290 could obtain 45 mph if built correctly, and that's with actual engine work. The larger the engine the larger the drive will have to be where a 290 could obtain it with a smaller drive. The 45 mph goal is very achievable Liquid cooled engines can be used with small PC radiator also, food for thought.


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      DDM has black Friday pricing on the Zenoah G290RC. 3.5hp for like $220

      I decided to get one for the HD frame (DDM) ADA clutched sport I am building. The fact the engine already comes with the WT990 sold me.
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        Should I do a 320 or 290


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          Just depends on if you think the cost is worth the extra HP. But seems DDM thinks you also need a clutch for the 320.

          320 $265 ~3.9HP
          290 $220 3.5HP

          The 290 is 36mm piston while the 320 is a 38mm piston.

          Per DDM regarding the 320:
          "For Go-Ped use - This engine will bolt on and work on existing 54mm clutch models. Will work on spindle drive models only if ADA clutch is used (part gt201)."
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