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  • Which Model??

    Hello folks

    Purchased a very rare unused goped last week for my man cave, can someone with any knowledge please let me know what model this is? The wheels look slightly different from your typical goped sport.

    Please find pictures attached, thank you in advance
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    Read the handlebar.


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      The goped Sport earlier model... You can tell by the bubble tread and grey plastic rim on the wheel.. As well as the double front fork that use to come stock like yours.. And the early early models had foam grips instead of the rubber ones..
      If I was you I would not runt that (unless you already have) and keep it new dont even start it. And I would sell it to a collector (look on goped nation facebook) And use that money for a used sport with upgrades or something wit bigger tires........

      email me at [email protected] for any questions and there is no stupid Q's