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Should I Upgrade My old Goped or get a e scooter ?

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  • Should I Upgrade My old Goped or get a e scooter ?

    So i Have My old goped Sport and was wondering if i should upgrade it with $700 worth of parts or sell it and buy a $900 electric scooter? im looking at the niu kqi3 pro

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    Well that's really up to you. If it was me, I'd be putting money into the gas scooter. How long have you had it? Do you think you'd be dusting off an electric scooter in that amount of time and get it going again with minimal work? Most likely not. They are fun and fast though. But to me the longevity of a gas engine trumps that. Just my .02


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      Gas scooter will hold value while electric may not. Riding location really depends on if you will be using one or the other. Cannot be running gas for errands in city etc.


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        main thing I hate about electric scoots is that car drivers and people can’t hear u. and like they said electric batteries normally degrade over time. 2 stroke won’t normally.
        and if ur a tinker 3 strokes is where it’s at.


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          Stick with gas!