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Please help me with my goped sport

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  • Please help me with my goped sport

    Please any help would be highly appreciated I am very new to the GoPeds I always wanted one I finally got my first one I'm so excited! I have what I believe is a goped sport with the g23lh motor stock as of right now. The guy I purchased it from said last time he messed with it that it ran fine which was 2 years ago so I bring it home replace the fuel lines and new filter because they were old and brittle and snapped into pieces very easily and I put a new spark plug in it and I got it to start with the choke closed and when I go to give it gas and open the choke it always dies out then it is almost impossible to get it to start again I then took the head off to look at the piston and I snapped the Rings and I am going to be replacing them soon. I am going to buy a new carburetor for it and most likely a exhaust pipe what do you guys recommend I buy as far as adding performance I'm looking for the best performance carburetor and air filter recommendation and pipe to go with it and any other recommendations would be highly appreciated to this GoPed thank you all for your time I appreciate it

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    Those motors are practically bullet proof. There was no need to open it as likely ethanol dried out the carb. The rubber acts like a fuel pump but ethanol destroys it. Replace the carb and just keep it all stock. Aftermarket air filters are no better than stock and pipes just make it loud.

    If you aren't 200lbs you can get a larger spindle which will make it faster.


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      Thank you for the reply and the info I appreciate it I am waiting for the walbro 167 carburetor to get back in stock at Ddm I don't think I am going to put a pipe on it I'm going to leave the stock one on I probably will change the air filter and maybe a larger spindle but that's about it. The main thing I am worried about changing is the stock handlebars I have two GoPed Sports one is for my son the stock handlebar is still really flimsy like they will bend or snap I don't like that I want to make it safe and sturdy for my son I looked on Ddm they have brand new handlebar setups for a little over 200 I really don't want to spend over 400 for two new handlebar setups is there some cheaper method I can do I want to be able to fold down the bars after I change them out like the stock ones do


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        You can add a flip-release style clamp to the bottom of the slide tube. That should remove some of the wobble. You want them to bend if you crash rather than going through you.

        I would advise against changing the filter but make sure you keep a choke either on the filter or part of the carb itself.


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          Why do you advise against changing the air filter? My other goped sport has after market air filter and no choke and it seems fine I bought it like this I didn't upgrade anything on it yet


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            The stock air filter is easy and cheap to replace when dirty and the choke makes starting in cold weather much easier. Summer now so you likely don't notice. Your money so you can do whatever you want.


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              Sounds good thank you for the info