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Piped 460 carb tuning

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  • Piped 460 carb tuning

    I’m pretty new to this. Does anyone know how I should tune my 223 carb on a gsr46 with a dominator pipe?

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    Have you asked DDM? Usually goped will reply but I would think starting from the default recommended screw settings would work. If having issues then likely carb gaskets or rubber needs replacing.


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      Gotcha. Thanks for the response. I’ve been asking around….turns out a lot of folks tune from the starting point L 1 1/2 and H 1 3/4 or L 1 3/8 and H 2 1/4. But I’m back to the stock muffler because I’m breaking in a ported head. After that I’m not going back to the dominator, Im getting a Rhino. Once I tune the Carb to the rhino/ported head/+1mm crank, I’ll post the details so it’s out there for the next guy. I was able to hit 39.8 mph with a dominator and 7/72 gearing (94 link chain). Let’s see what happens with the +1mm ported head, rhino and 8/72 gearing (96 link chain).