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Kind of heavy on a liquimatic?

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  • Kind of heavy on a liquimatic?

    So I picked up my first Go-Ped Liquimatic a couple weeks ago from market place for a great deal. It ran but was unbelievably slow and difficult to start/ keep running. I sorted out the carburetor, just took it apart, cleaned it and put it together with new seals. Now it runs well but is still slow. I noticed that the spindle would slip on the tire, all the abrasive had worn off the spindle, so I made a steel sleeve with knurling on it to press over the spindle shaft, the spindle no longer seems to slip on the tire. Im basing this on the fact that I dont smell burnt rubber anymore and the engine dose not rev up like its breaking free under load anymore. I then filled the torque converter up with atf, burped all the bubbles out, filled it again, put everything back on and it made a huge difference on level ground. On a level section of road, I'm getting 15ish mph but it just wont pull me up the hills in my neighborhood. I get half way up, loose momentum, the motor is trying but the scooter completly stops, and have to kick to make forward progress. Im 6'7" and 270lbs, am I just asking too much from the little 2hp Zenoha? Or is it the Liqumatic clutch not tolerating the load. I'm not trying to climb pikes peak, I live in Illinois so its not vastly large or long hills I'm trying to climb, they call this flat land for a reason... Before I order a third bearing and a direct drive spindle, I figured I would ask here and see if I am basically getting what it has to offer. I like that I can start it, get on and go, would one of the ADA clutch kits tolerate me any better?
    Thanks for the Input!goped.jpg

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    The liquimatic is for sure slow, i got 3 of them. I think that ur modifications on the spindle just made it even less powerful. Goped have these parts if u want to keep it as it is. But it will go better if u converting it to a sport


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      Im 6'7" and 270lbs
      Dude. The liquimatics were slow back when you were 100lbs wet. I am surprised it even goes at all.

      You need double that HP in like a 46cc setup which is a different scooter. I'm 210lb on a hard tire sport with brand new LH 23 and it is slow as hell on flats. You will just eat clutches on a hill at 270lb @ 23cc

      You could potentially "gear down" via a super small spindle but then you will put around at 10mph downhill. How do you even reach the handlebars?
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