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rockit key

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  • rockit key

    is it safe to buy a rokit key for my he23hp

    here is the quote from daves discount motors-

    "Rockit Key (Timing advance) - The G230RC timing is already advanced BTDC 30? at 8000 RPM. Using a Rockit Key to further advance the timing of your G230RC may cause the engine to overheat and seize, due to insufficient lubrication in the cylinder. Do not advance the timing!"

  • #2
    DO NOT USE A ROCKET KEY WITH THE HE23HP MOTOR or G23ORC. It advances the timing WAY too much and always causes problems.
    Ada All the way.


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      Is there any benefit to advancing the timing on a G43LD? It's a tsi if that makes any difference. I've searched a couple different forums and found very little about the rockit key on a GSR. Would the carb need to be tuned to deal with the advanced timing? Thanks.


      • #4
        People do use rocket keys on the G43 but I however think it's a tad to much. I would advance the timing to half (5deg) using a degree wheel. Carb settings will be almost identical either way you go, you MAY have to richen the high.
        Ada All the way.


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          Not recommended!

          I tried one in a GSR and it seized from heat after a very short time.
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            Thanks guys, I realy appreciate the information.


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              Yeah, I heard that from someone too, thats why I go half.
              Ada All the way.


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                how do u go half


                • #9
                  Rocket Key & Octane

                  If you are using a Roket Key in anything, be sure you up the octane of your fuel at the same time. Keep your fuel/oil ratio at 40:1 and use ata least 105 Octane. The higher octane will help.