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newbie pipe or can??????

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  • newbie pipe or can??????

    HI. Im a newbie and have a bigfoot which i would like to start moding out i was wondering which would be better a pipe or a can???? I like to jump but mainly just ride around on the dirt and gravel in my area. One big prob i have is that there are lots on little hills around and my bigfoot just runs out of power to climb then about half way up. So i want pipe or can that will give some power to get up hills??????

    Please give me some suggestions.Thanks

  • #2
    Hi newbie,

    Sounds like you are riding in some rough conditions, so if I were you I would go with an aftermarket exhaust can over the pipe.


    • #3
      Thanks for the info.What can is going to be the bset i dont want any thing to loud but i need some power for climbing????



      • #4
        Well doesn't sound too rough but if your going to jump absolutely get a Stalker exhaust can which adds great low end/ top speed but barely increases noise, It has a great rumble to it. If your going to do some minor jumping I would get an Ada pipe with the steel bf pipe mount shown here
        Ada All the way.


        • #5
          Thanks for the info guys. does any one know what will make a bigfoot climb,caz that is my main prob it takes me for ever to get up enuf speed to jump because all of my jumps are at the tops of hills and by the time i get to the top i have on speed or power to clear the gap????? THANKS FOR THE HELP.


          • #6
            Whats your setup?
            Ada All the way.


            • #7
              I have a a yellow bigfoot with a ada 3thd bearing right now wit an 800 but it has no low end at all, but i also have a stock 625 and it woudent climb with that eather so. When i order a filter and can im want to get like a 675 for the beast of both worlds unless u have a better suggestion. o and my lh is stock..

              thanks agian


              • #8
                Get a carb kit! A carb kit alone will help you A LOT, then get an exhaust.
                Ada All the way.


                • #9
                  Thanks slimcandy i think il get a carb and can but what can should i get?? every one says that the ada stalker is good and not to loud i hear xcans are loud and that q cans are crap?
                  THANKS A BUNCH FOR ALL THE HELP..


                  • #10
                    X cans are blazing loud, the Q can is somewhat quieter (non routed) but as soon as you connect it through the frame it looses a good amount of performance.
                    Ada All the way.


                    • #11
                      So a ada stalker or q can is going to be the best? thanks agian


                      • #12
                        Ada All the way.


                        • #13
                          get the Stalker can, its great, with that you should definately get a HP carb kit
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