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Advantages on engine covers/shrouds

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  • Advantages on engine covers/shrouds

    Are the covers on our engines just for safety?

    to give extra cooling with the fan?

    any advantages to removing them?

    May sound a stupid question, but a logical reply would be great
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    Most of these little engines were designed for industrial use such as for small pumps or gardening and while static or not moving through the air like a motorcycle engine does. The fan is there to create an air flow which is directed over the cooling fins by the fan shroud. Even though we might ride through the air on our scooters, we generally stand in front of the motor which restricts some of that air flow. Removing the fan shroud could cause overheating.
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      Typically people cut sections away from a fan shroud or motor cover to allow for proper fitment of an aftermarket Headkit like ones seen on ADA's sales site. Usually the additional fins added by a headkit along with the increased surface area for heat dicipation help with cooling even with a trimmed shroud.

      There are also parts on a motor cover that are there for safety like an exhaust cage/cover. Sometimes those are trimmed or cut to allow the use of an aftermarket pipe or exhaust can.

      If the motor uses a flywheel with fins for air direction then it is always recomended that you keep as much of the fan cover or shroud as possible. If the motor does not use a flywheel with fins then it is imperative not to cover the motor and get as much heat disipation as possible (or go with a water cooled set up)
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        Oliver has it right. You always want to try and keep as much of the original cover as possible, even if it's just a slim section between the head shell and fan cover. This is so the air will be forced over the cooling fins rather than escaping right out the top!
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