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    well i tuned ma goped today its got great low end now awsome midrange but i dont think im getting 2 top speed. How do i kno i reached top speed?
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    while your engine is on lift your back wheel off the ground. you are going to be using the high speed tune needle(t-screw) to tune. rev your engine and listen if it goes out to full rpm's, if not just mees with the t-screw then rev it again until you reach full rpm's. I hope that this helps!
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      I STRONGLY suggest you not doing that. I have seen pictures of flywheels exploding doing that. Scrapnel city....And anyhow, tuning your motor with no load is like taking your ped half way across the country and tuning it, then brining it back. Its always best to tune under the conditions you run under, Ie warm motor and under load.
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