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series 1 or 2 on BB RC with 1 MM Stroker

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  • series 1 or 2 on BB RC with 1 MM Stroker

    I don't want to exhaust the topic of pipes any more than it already has been but I need some clarification on the performance on an RC with a Big Bore Kit and ada 1mm stroker.
    How dose the series 1 perform on this setup. I heard the series 2 is better but I'm looking for an answer from someone with experience first hand on the 2 different pipes on this setup.

    Slimcandy don't you have a setup close to this, what are your thought?

    Help from anyone would be appreciated.
    (Proline Racing)

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    i have a s1 on that same setup, i love it, but i have heard that the S2 is better, but my S1 HAULS
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    100% A - m - e - r - i - c - a - n -~- M - u - s - c - l - e
    2002 Super X Ped w/
    -G230RC, BBK, Meyer 1mm Stroker, ADA S1, TGN chrome fancover/scoop, tgn chrome shroud, tgn flame filter, HP Carb(Wa 167), .800 long drive, ADA Chrome 3rd bearing, ET Stem, ADA 16" Bars, Chrome Slidetube, Steel FTG, Lexan Deck, GetAPed Red Tank skin, Competitor rims


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      i have a g230rc with a big bore kit, i added a pipe from


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        Ended up getting a series 2, as of now the RC is stock with a pipe and it runs very well. I used to have an Extreme Toys on my last X and it hit's a lot harder but has a narrow power band that's on off. The series 2 makes power everywhere. I am running it with no spacers as of now and it hits once pretty low at about 1/3 through the RPM's, then comes on again about 3/4th through the RPM and then finally has the super high RPM power band that hits pretty hard. I love it. Can't wait to get a Big Bore and stroker crank. Great pipe!
        (Proline Racing)


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          you wanna keep up with me dont you??????
          you got "owned" yesterday.....JK


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            Yeah, I think the S2 runs better on the Big bore too. The S1 although revs quite higher but the low and mid range don't pull too hard, the S2 pulls uncontrolibly (sp).
            Ada All the way.


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              Originally posted by sportfan
              you wanna keep up with me dont you??????
              you got "owned" yesterday.....JK

              You can get me on the straits with your stroker big Bore, I owned you where it mattered.

              Yes I will admit your stuff is better than mine but your still hugging my sack. JK

              Lets go for a ride sometime this week.
              (Proline Racing)