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Super Bigfoot kick stand... (ATTN ADA!)

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  • Super Bigfoot kick stand... (ATTN ADA!)

    This is mainly a post for ADA.

    EVERYONE knows, even 1/2 of PMW's employee's, that the new kickstand for the bigfoot & super bigfoot, not only sucks, but it is useless. No one knows WHY they switched from the old Bigfoot kick stand that worked perfect.

    Anyway, you guys should make a kickstand that will some how bolt up to the Super Bigfoot / New Bigfoot frame, that's spring loaded, and that actually works, and will hold it self up when retracted.

    Just a thought, pretty much everyone with a new bigfoot or super bigfoot would want it.


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    Wow, no one has a comment... hmmm, people can't possible thing the new crappy kick stand is 'good-enough'.


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      ive never tryed the old ones but from pictures they look heavy duty.....the new ones on the sbf plains out SUCKS! on a stock sbf like after the first week of ryding it starts moving down while ryding..o well...cant do nuthin about it........

      (i think pmw is tryin to save money...haha its not like they dont over charge on everything already )