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Beadlock rim spacers to large?

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  • Beadlock rim spacers to large?

    I have a spoked ada bead lock rim and the spacers that come on it are too large to fit the rim on the scooter. I'm going to have to shave them down.

    What's up with this.

    It's going on a brand new Super X Ped.

    I also upgraded to alen bolts to hold my engine on. Now the rim has 2 clearance issues. If it were to fit in it wouldn't clear the head of the alen bolt.

    All this work for a rim?
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    The box width on the back of the frames varies. Plus, the box bends real easy and could be bent in for the stock wheel. Make sure the frame is straight. The width on the wheels is precise, the frame is not. You should be able to open the frame up if necessary to fit the wheel. The stock engine mount screws are pan head phillips heads. These are lower than a socket cap allen bolt. The only allen that would be lower would be a button head allen bolt. Make sure that the wheel doesn't scrape and has enough clearance. Everything needs to be straight and spaced properly.
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      Go Ped quality = garbage stock.

      My Box is obviously off from the factory, I ordered a set of flybars V.2 because the front forks are bent a little to the right, just a little but it is noticeable.

      It's like Go Peds are slapped together.

      The weld on the fork is just a little bit off, that's what makes it bent.

      Go Peds look great and have a lot of aftermarket but stock I'm disappointed.

      Just to get what I want I have to change everything. I would have just gone with a set of Pro Pole handle bars but I would still have the bent fork, so I went with the flybars because they eliminate the need for stock forks.

      Sorry about this, I'm just a little pissed and your explanation makes great since.
      On top of that, Why would I be the only one who has ever complained about the bead lock rims?

      Well after this is fixed and I get my bars my scooter should be pretty solid, and it only cost me about $400 more that the scooter cost to get it there.
      (Proline Racing)