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    on friday night i just purchased the Ada gsr mechanical suspension for $200!!!!!!!!im am so damn excited to get them in,they look so sick and they are suposed to have insane stopping power. i have a few questions though.if i ordered it friday night,how long would it take to arrive at my house that is in Northern C?when it comes,do i need to sign for the package?do i need to be 18 to do it,im only 14,so would i be ok or do i need a parent to do it?when the stuff comes, do i need to install the caliper or anything onto the suspension, or is it all bolted onto it and ready to go on my GSR-TSI?thats all,o yea,i got a 1.5 liter tank cover also

    adam deyoung
    AIM is pimpman9544
    email is [email protected]

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    From the pictures on the ada website it looks like they come assembled but you still need to take the rim off to put the front tire on. To sign for UPS packages you?re supposed to be 18 but if your UPS driver knows you he will just let you sign for it. And it should take 3 business days for it to come.