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exhaust problem

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  • exhaust problem

    Ok, i recently got a he32hp engine & a stalker exhaust w/ spacer. & it came with one extra long exhaust blot & one normal one. the normal one had maybe 4 threads going into the screwhole thingy & the other had a lot of em'. When i put in the bolts it was a very tight fit. So im riding it & the whole exhaust assy. falls off. I look at the bots the long one & the short one took metal out of the screwhole, like there was metal spiraled in the threads. is i went to put on the original muffler with its stock bolts & it went in easy & DID thread in, but then it got really tight & extremely hard to screw in. so i takle em' off & the screwhole looks flat & shaved off but the bolts thread in as they should . Whats going on please help me!!!!

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    u stripped it.
    Coast Ped, ADA Racing


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      how i mean i used the correct bolts idk y that shoud happen