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RPM!!! Does any one make Tachometer

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  • RPM!!! Does any one make Tachometer

    Does any company make a (Tach) for a goped? If so how do i get on :confused

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    i think u can take any micron and it shood work


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      Whats that

      Whats a micron


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        Mychron Is what I used. I used the model called the mychron Light which had temp and rpm displays. I beleive it runs for $99 but is the best thing for the job.
        Ada All the way.


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          yea i think that would be perfect for a scooter


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            MyChron Light

            This is my first post. I'm glad I found this forum. Looks like fun.

            I just replaced my old digital tachometer with this Aim product. It's a very basic system, but is great as that it reads real time all the way up to 35,000 rpm if needed. It also has a handy temperature reading for the exhaust or cylinder head.


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              Where can i get one of those? How much do they caust?


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                Originally posted by SlowPed
                Where can i get one of those? How much do they caust?
                Aim is the manufacturer of the product. Follow the link in Slimcandy428's reply in this thread. The web page will have an Aim dealer locator. The basic set up like mine is $199.00. It seems a bit pricey, but it brings reality to testing and is well worth the cost, in my opinion.


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                  Ok well thinks alot ill check that out


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                    Check this link out and tell me if it would work> Please!!



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                      looks good.

                      It looks just like mine. I just spent 200. That's probably a good buy if it works. The only problem is the head temperature lead uses a 14mm washer for the spark plug. The G230RC has a smaller plug. I'll figure out something and make it work though.

                      You realize everyone on the forum is going to bid against you now.LOL


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                        That ok if it all depends on how bad you want it. And ive learned you pay to play

                        By the way how do you hook the tach up????


                        • #13
                          clip it to the spark plug wire

                          The tachometer has a wire which runs to the spark plug wire and just clips right on. It's super easy.

                          If you're ebay MyChron Light doesn't come with the direction manual, Aim is really good with customer support. I bet they'd mail one to you. There are many features even to the MyChron Light.

                          One of the best features is the Max RPM memory. With this you can really see how different engine tricks work or in some cases don't work.


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                            where do get the batteries from?
                            Thanks for the good information


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                              Originally posted by SlowPed
                              where do get the batteries from?
                              Thanks for the good information
                              The batteries come in the unit. If they go bad check with Aim or the manual for replacement type.