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about ada headkits...

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  • about ada headkits...

    dunno if this has been asked before, but is it possible for me to send in my cylinder to be machined for it to work with the headkit instead of buying the cylinder kit? and one more thing, how many points of octane can i be off for the headkit? like wud i b ok if i used 114 octane for a 116 octane dome?

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    No, you can't send us your cylinder. Sorry. But here is why. We 1st machine the cylinders on our cnc lathes and then finish them on our cnc mills. There is a lot of setup time involved on a cnc machine and it is not feasible to do only 1 cylinder at a time. When we machine cylinders for head kits, we do a couple hundred at a time. For us to do one cylinder, we would have to charge you about $2000 for the time involved and the time lost on production of making other parts.

    The rating on the website for the domes are the required minimum. That means no less than. If you have 114 octane, then you need to go with the dome size below the 116 minimum octane dome.
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