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    Will my ignition coil for the g23lh work on a g230rc? Is it the same part? Any information would be appreciated.

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    It will work, but it is a different coil. The G230RC coil is better for that application, however.
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      it will work but like brooks said...the RC coil is better
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        Well ther is more to it than that. The fly wheel is smaller on the LH engine so you wont get the best spark. Also the spark plug is biger on the LH so with the RC engine the rubber cap will vibrate off. You can fix hat however by unscrewing the metal cap on the pug and swaping it with the LH one so it grips a littl better
        Another tip with that kinda set up you should tune your carb a little. And Use a plastic ID to space the coil to flywheel.
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