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Ada Exhaust Problems

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  • Ada Exhaust Problems

    on mi super x i have had problems with the alluminum plate that hold the exhaust pipe on and in place i was wonderin does anyone else have this problem on theirs if so i noe how to fix it but all in all its a great system with superior sound and power

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    What are the specific problems that you are having? You need to make sure that the mounting strap and the pipe line up before bolting them together. The strap is aluminum so that you can bend it to line up exactly with the pipe, no space between the strap and pipe. I have never had a mounting strap break on me yet. Everything needs to be lined up and not pulled into place by the bolts.
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      yea thats wut i relized i had done wrong but i did that and,curved the plate with a factory plate and it still broke so i went to home depot and got some real alluminum and shaped that and it has werked ever since