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Hey Marv & Brooks I got a few questions

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  • Hey Marv & Brooks I got a few questions

    Hey I just joinend the billet board and now I have a few questions.
    Where do you have your anodizing done? Do you do it? Or does someone else? If you have some one else do it are they strictly commercial or do they anodize for the public? Same with your chroming.
    Will you guys be present at this up and coming ped fest up in flagstaff?
    Is there any estimated guess for your b.b. head kits?
    And im not trying to get bannend or diss you guys but do you think you could improve your pipe mounts for the series 1 and 2 pipes? I was extremlly disapointed when my pipe mount broke only the 2nd week I had it. Im now into to freestyle and have a stalker, but still please improve it, I might but one on my G2d xped. Thanks a lot,

    Modded out Super x ped, G2d xped,
    Modded out Yamaha wave blaster, and a Stock Yamaha wave raider.
    Ride Yamaha