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  • scooter problems

    i bought one of those cheap 200 dollar 36cc razorback scooters and yes i now i get what i pay for but im sure it can be fixed. my problem is that when i start it the engine does not sound normal it has clanking type noise and is slightly louder i was wondering if anyone may now what the problem is. the engine still runs and it will go but it does not sound normal anymore. thanks in advance for any help

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    well you could try to tighten everything up, but id just scrap that thing and get a real scooter, anything you sit on and has a horn isnt a scooter.JMO
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      actually it doesnt have a horn and the only reason i got it was because i didnt have the money for a goped or one of those but i would like to find out what i did to the engine


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        So its got a seat.loloolololololol

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          cheap are we?

          you could get a (preferably a "scooter") mechanic to look at the motor. or just try to figure out wheres its coming from... did you remember to put oil in the mix? probly not but if u didnt thats prob why
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          guess taht sums it up