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how is the s2?

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  • how is the s2?

    hey, im obviously new here. i just ordered the s2 for my sport that has the lh on it and im just wandering how it will perform on the lh engines? thanx a lot

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    Ok, well pretty much all pipes perform better then the stock cans, in my time ive owned 5 pipes, 2 S1's 1 S2 1 Jet Pro and i now have 1 ET pipe, all my pipes were installed on an LH except my last pipe which is now on my RC, and lemmi tell you, the S1 and S2 are both exceptionally nice pipes
    the only thing i frown on is that the S1 looks like a banana . well any way, you WILL notice a difference but i would reccomend getting an HP carb to give you the full effect of the pipe with an LH. Or just buy an RC and fell the full potentional of those beaytigul pipes. i hope i helped out
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    2002 Sport with Diamond Plate deck, ADA billet Throttle and brake levers, 5" Monster Tach with shift light" yea, it works too" Billet gas cap, 900. Black Magik Spindle with ADA 3rd Bearing Support, Chrome Fancover, ADA Solid Bead Lock and ADA solid front Rim, Ported Big Bore and 1MM Stroked G230RC, with a Kool Head and an Engine Trix Pipe.


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      s2 pipe

      thanx a lot


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        The s2 is a great lowend pipe!