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cylinder porting help!

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  • cylinder porting help!

    if I port the exhaust port to match the beginingof my series 1 pipe will it help or should i buy a ported cylinder?

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    Yes it will help, if you know what you are doing. But, if your gonna do that, you might as well match port the intake too! Any type of match porting makes a difference. I believe the intake is more important though! If you don't know what you are doing, I would suggest just getting the cylinder ported by someone who does.

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      Im assuming your using a dremel. So what bit are you using? Do you know how to port? Your also gonna wanna buy some mothers aluminum/mag polish and the cotton wheel for polishing. Be shure not to open it to much, or you will lose all lowend until you hit your first powerband. Make your exhaust port as smooth as posible.
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        Do you know if buying the ported cylinder from daves motors and a supurior pistion from ada would be a good idea


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          Porting your cylinder..

          From what i understand you saying here.. you are just talking about 'blue printing' where you match the inlet + exhaust ports to the manifold and exhaust system.. it makes a good difference, however.. it's not really porting.. this is really where you physically raise the height of the exhaust port to give an awsome powerband.. get it wrong and your engine will be rubbish.. it will have no low end power.. to port you need to see a professional really.. to blue print, easy.. get some engineering 'Blue' (like paint) and put it on your manifold and exhaust adapter.. bolt them in place then remove them again.. now trim up the ports to match your mainfold and exhaust.... then polish.. oh.. dont forget to trim your gaskets aswell otherwise it was all a waste of time...

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