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  • Superior BBK

    has anyone bought and ran the superior big bore kit... if so, how does it run, + - about it

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    i have it

    runs freakin awesome!!!!! lots of power on low end i could easily pull a wheeli. top end is increased a farly good amount. bad sides umm if you have a LH and making a hybird you have to modify ur manifold to it will fit the bigger holes in the cylinder. other than that its awesome... i highly suggest it!!
    goped sport with SUPERIOR BIG BORE KIT (hybrid), ada superior blue air filter, walbro hp carb, superior stock crank, case stuffer, extreme toys .750 spindel and 3rd bearing, blue cool head, lightend flywheel andvanced timing, speedwerx pipe, oversized gas tank, blue engin trix ripper billet deck, chrome bothy forks. go here and click on pics of me goped to see what it looks like
    AIM- culejoe28