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  • Wierd Serious Problem

    Ok,its wierd like in the morning or the first time that i try to start it in a day it starts no problem and i replaced the plug today and rode for a while then let it cool off and i tryed to start it again and no nothing so i took it apart all apart cleaned everything and cleaned the carb with carb cleaner and put it back together and it wouldn't start. and i think that there might be something wierd going on with my with my crank to cause like ihave the manifold off and i'll turn the flywheel and the piston comes down but not far enough to let air into above the pison, i don't know really now if this supposed to happen i've never really noticed it the piston going up and down and where it goes up and down when i turned the flywheel i know alot about Toyota,subaru car engines and sport compact parts on a Toyota motor and that not good if a car was doing that. if some one could help me that would super awesome. thanks
    yellow sport with ada series 1, ada HP carb, ada superior carbon air filter, red scooterpros coolhead,

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    Ok heres the simple soloution..

    Make the plug gap shorter. Yes its true.. what is happening is that once your motor is warm the internal resisistance of the plug is not allowing it to run. Its either that or the coil.

    Remember, mechanical items dont change. If it runs cold, then the crank is fine. It will still be fine when warm. Your crank does not change when warm, and the height of the piston doesnt either.

    Stay away from the 'hard metal' soloutions and look at the electrical or soft item problems. Just like the crank, the carb doesnt change either when the motor gets warm.

    It sounds simple, and look at it this way, you loose nothing by trying. Many plugs come gapped at .035 and honestly, they run best around .020 on our magneto systems.

    Just a suggestion from a seasoned scooter veteran.


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      does it make a taping sound?
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      guess taht sums it up


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        does 'what' make a tapping sound?


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          no it just won't start sometimes especially after i have already started it and let it cool
          yellow sport with ada series 1, ada HP carb, ada superior carbon air filter, red scooterpros coolhead,